Attacks by defending the immune system.

Adjuvant in the use of ATBs, to prevent recurrent infections


Ledestil strengthens the body’s defenses by promoting the proliferation of T lymphocytes, directly stimulating the production of IL-1B, IL-6 and IFy in mononuclear leukocytes. Ledestil is an adyuvant in the treatment of colds and flu, or an alternative to the use of antibiotics in the treatment of minor infections, acne and furunculosis.


Ledestil is a medicine that can be administered to children and adults as a prophylactic and as a therapeutic treatment for:

  • Various minor infections.
  • Colds, flu, tonsillitis, and in general minor bronchopulmonary conditions, and in recurrent cases.
  • Furunculosis, adolescent acne.
  • As an adjunct to the use of antimicrobials, in the conditions described above.

Active ingredient:

Milk Proteins, Carbohydrates, Total Lipids

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