Prevention of Peripheral Neuropathies.

Mecobalamin is essential for neurological and blood functions, preventing demyelination of neurons.


 Dauradil® contains Mecobalamin or methylcobalamin as the active ingredient, which is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as a coenzyme in nucleic acid synthesis and is closely related in various metabolic pathways such as fat, carbohydrates and protein synthesis. It is the active physiological form of vitamin B12, an essential cofactor for the conversion of homocysteine ​​to form methionine, which stimulates the production of choline. Mecobalamin, by stimulating DNA synthesis and maturation of erythroblasts at the neurological level, facilitates the regeneration of nerve and sensory cells. Its deficiency may be due to low intake of foods that contain it, malabsorption syndromes, metabolic disorders, after a gastrectomy or extensive removal of the ileum. Mecobalamin deficiency leads to the development of megaloblastic anemias, demyelination, and other neurological damage, which can cause organ and muscle malfunction. Mecobalamin is essential for normal blood formation and neurological function.


Dauradil® is indicated in the treatment and prevention of peripheral neuropathies and megaloblastic anemias caused by vitamin B12 deficiency.

Active ingredient:


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