The Effect of Pregabalin and Methylcobalamin Combination on the Chronic Postthoracotomy Pain Syndrome

Serda Kanbur Metin, MD, Burhan Meydan, MD, Serdar Evman, MD, Talha Dogruyol, MD, and Volkan Baysungur, MD

Chronic postthoracotomy pain (CPTP ) or postthoracotomy neuralgia is defined by the International Association for the Study of Pain as pain that recurs or persists along a thoracotomy incision for at least 2 months after the surgical procedure. Usually, it is a burning, dysesthetic, and aching feeling in nature, which displays many features of neuropathic pain. It occurs in approximately 50% of patients after thoracotomy; however, in 5% of patients the pain is severe and disabling. The technique of different thoracotomy incisions has been shown to have no difference in reducing the incidence of CPTP. The neurologic mechanisms for the production of neuropathic pain, hyperalgesia, and somatic pain are well described.