Study of applications of NSAIDs for mild-moderate pain

Alicia Gavillero Martín, Antonio Jesús Zalacaín Vicuña.

This paper aims to review the concepts of anti-analgesic drug therapy. The objective is to know the WHO Analgesic Ladder, improve the use of NSAIDs for mild-moderate pain in our podiatric consultations, compare the analgesic power of five widely used NSAIDs and study possible combinations between them.

Pain is one of the symptoms with the highest incidence in today’s society, awakening a large number of consultations to health professionals, and among them, podiatrists. Addressing the problem of pain requires a prior assessment of the patient’s situation. This assessment will include an analysis of the origin of pain, the perception that the patient has of said pain (by interview or by applying pain intensity measures such as the Visual Analogue Scale) and the functional impairment that it produces. We must consider the patient with pain globally, in his physical, psychic and social sphere.