Strategies for the multimodal approach to pain and postoperative recovery

B. Mugabure Bujedo*, I. Tranque Bizueta*, S. González Santos*, R. Adrián Garde**

The fact of facing pain as a complex and multifactorial phenomenon requires a multidisciplinary approach. The concept of multimodal analgesia implies that the association of different analgesic drugs administered by different routes achieves greater effectiveness over their sole use, reduces side effects and increases patient satisfaction. This article reviews the therapeutic options for the management of postoperative pain, their benefits and their limitations.

It is recommended to use a regional block prior to surgery whenever technically possible. The choice of local anesthetic, the route of administration and the duration of treatment will depend on the type of patient and the surgical process. It is advisable to associate an anti-inflammatory along with a centrally acting analgesic, oral or parenteral, as long as there is no medical contraindication. The integration of these techniques within a rehabilitation program will facilitate postoperative recovery

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