Psychopharmacology Psychodynamics IV

Silvia Bentolila Guillermo J. Etcheverry Patricia Frieder Fernando González Sergio Guala Marcelo Marmer Jaime Moguilevsky Myriam Monczor Alejandro Schinder

The way of prescribing drugs and, in particular, psychotropic drugs, has become more complex in recent years due to various factors. Some of them are due to pharmacological differences and more complex interactions produced by the new molecules and others to the different interests that rapidly impact on the globalization of our society. By changing the structural basis of the doctor-patient contract, the real medical world underwent a profound transformation. The original agreement of the parties through a verbal contract between two people is distorted when it is not agreed by the interested parties. This contractual doctor-patient relationship acquires a new order when it is the health company (private or state), who determines with whom and in what way the treatment will be carried out. The original free professional choice on the part of the patient is then made through an obligatory mediation.

Pro Vida

Pro Vida

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